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2023-2024 tuition.png

2024-2025 monthly tuition is figured per family. 

(not per student) It is calculated by total family hours.

Ex: The Smith family has 3 children who each take a 1 hour class.  Their total family monthly tuition would be $192.

Additional Fees:

*Due at time of registration for Fall/Spring sessions* 

Registration Fee-$40 (Registration fees will be auto-drafted within 7 days of registration if not paid at time of registration)

*Due November 1st*

Costume Deposit-$65 per costume 

(Competitive Team will have a different costume deposit & due date.)

There may be a small costume balance due w/ recital fee depending on costume price. 


*Due January 15th*

Recital Fee-$40 per dancer

(Recital fee will include 2 complimentary tickets to our end of the year recital.  Additional tickets will be available to purchase.)

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